Saturday, June 12, 2010


Poll Option

a) Ten Heads, Hundred Minds Just One Voice - We the People!
b) No Head, No Mind Just Triangular Love
c) MR Head, ARR Mind, SS eyes - Nothing else

(Or)in terms of performance

a) Its Raavan(an)'s crude & vital show
b) Raagini's needs permanent deportation
c) Dev, the ultimate plum

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Dancing Brothers

Was watching "naan saaltukottai nee saithapettai" immediately drew in to Prabhu Deva & Raju Sundaram dancing brotherscombo. It was great fun to watch them both on the screens.

"Spencer pona jeansla povom sintharpetta saithapettai lungila povom"

Youtubed to Chikku Bukku.. Shankar sure takes a leaf out of MR's agni natchathiram "raaja raajathi raaja" picturisation... railway station background, lighting, college boys artha raathiri pop influenced koothu, and a group of girls showing? Interestingly PD choreographed and featured in both. Heavy MJ's influences in song, choreography & graphics usage. GVP, the kids voice & Suresh Peters needs a special mention and his voice really suits very well. From the lyrics it seams that PD is following the gorgeous Gowthami (Ethiraj college ref) passionately and there is a dream sequence in itself where PD & others in trendy clothes (Half jeans Half Baggie), bicycle, motor cycle, car...What differentiates the song to a great level is the porters intro and RS is a specialist in that kind of dance. One of the porter seams playing tabla there...

btw the songs brings back some fond memories & I can see smoke fuming from girls ears (IInd charanam):lol: j/k

intha vaalibam thaan thirumba varuma

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yaavarum Nalam/13 B

யாவரும் நலம்.

<13 further more reasons why I should stay away from such pathetic horror shows>

1) The pei/aavi doesn’t mind to wait for 30 years because of the 'thigh-slapping' motive to revenge it on the same place (exact sq.m). Wow!! Then how come it missed when Doctor hanged the policeman in their home. Is the 'aavi' a child there or still in her mother’s womb.

2) The serial is broadcasted every day only at 1.00 pm 'eye' TV whereas Maddy/Dr gets a special UK/US/Gulf/Africa/Antartica broadcast during nights.

3) How come none of the ladies have any clue about the same direful occurances.... similar family members, new house shifting, paal therayurathu, promotion, 10k increment, house loan 20 years, Pregnancy, abortion, college going girl etc.

4) The 'aavi' is travelling everywhere along with Maddy lift, car, site, hospital what we know through the mobile and how many times he met the Doctor.

5) Which one is better for sniffing? The policeman 'ring' finding or the dog 'photoalbum' or Maddy's hammer design.

6) Songs : No cook-book from IF will ever forefend these ingredients even if one has to prepare boiled eggs. And the policemen role/comedies are like KS.


....... (kaathil poo suthum velai's contd)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Raavan Vs Raavanan

The debate is clearly lyrical quality

Gulzar saab refers to the tamil lyrics something for easy understanding

"kodu potta konnu podu
veli potta vetti podu"

For any stop line drawn Kill him/them (maarne kha)
For further fencing Slice him/them (Kaat ne kha)

Gulzar saab got confused with this 'ulti' baath and refers his lyrics to MR & ARR for clarification.

Ey hawa phe chalti hai ghori paron se bhi halki hai re (She floats like air and she is as lighter than feathers)
Dahi se bhi khatti hai.. suna hai dahi bhi kal khi hai re (She is as softer as curd and the curd is just a day longer)

MR & ARR admires Gulzar saab's work and replies "aap tho hamara kavingar ka jaga pe hain " (As you are in our own Kavingar Kannadaasan's place). Sweet, simple, flawless and very rich in poetic sense. But VM is not to be blamed as we have given him the prior composed hindi tunes and not much scope for development.

Well in any language/poetry/lyrics the context has to be seen in whole not so overly critical on every lines. VM is a known violent poet on both counts he propels very strongly

Show no mercy to your detractors(kodu pottaalum seri veli pottaalum seri), Finish them off!

And Gulzar saab leaves the place with a latest song playing in the background "kazhuthillai kazhuthillai athu kannadaasan ezhuthu"

Kannadaasan shouts from the grave 'evanda avan en ezhuthai anoushka kaluthodoa equate pannathu" j/k.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Epic Fail

aayirathil zero's Simple! More Zero's than one's relatively. Never had a battle scene made me cry out in laughter like this. Einstein and Newton have to take a rebirth to research the theory behind the scene @ 8.16.

If you havent watched 300 here is the link Spartans Vs Persians And if you still think those paper balls throwing scenes are real you need to watch 300 for sure.

Just watched Mountain of the Cannibal God (Italian title: La montagna del dio cannibale) I would say plot thiruttu and the subsequent occurance were developed scene by scene in this expedition to find out the lost archeologist. I will take the privilege in explaining what is left in rajaalltheway post.. hiring local natives to help them (very few) Karthi & his men), travelling by helicopter and left half way(ship to vietnam), no one is willing to guide them and they took a boat thereafter (karthi was forced to lead at gunpoint), and the fights throughout. Susan escapes a spider bite Stacy kills it with his knife (Andrea & Reema apply anti-infectious insects cream). Stacy & Manola were shown playing with sex toys to surmount the night camps and you know what the trio- did in A0. Karthi says to Andrea "moonja paaru vella pannikku thoppi potta maathiri" Ursula looks the same :lol:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Decade's BEST

Was responding to two categories in Forum hub’s Decades best thread

Movie of the Decade – Kaadhal & Paruthiveeran (Nominations) -Voted for PV.
Album of the Decade – Kannathil Muthamittal

It was a mere coincidence or a thought transference or a thanksgiving have gone straight into the voting head of “Rising Sun” to telecast both “Kaadhal” & “Paruthiveeran” in Sun & Kalaignar TV’s consecutively. I know PV is getting telecast but Kaadhal is a big surprise when I entered my house to catch that Marriage Scene the lady from the balcony turns her hubby “hey look at that” and exactly my wife did that from kitchen too. I have watched it before and I can very well recall all those dropped off scenes. Bharath’s(Muruga) friend who shares a Bachelors mansion in
triplicane aiding them for marriage is quiet perceivable but the whole gang enjoining is off-the-wall.

“pura koondu pola inga muppathu roomu andha muppathilum voovonnilum 3 peru maamu…”

So 30x3 = 90 ? Interesting song by JS look what all have they done by just a phone call picked them from marriage (street), arranged for the grand reception, stage, music(local thaara thappata), all dances (the couple), a rented house & a mechanic job for Bharath all in just a day... How do I say this? The shop owner ask Bharath to leave early as he has just got married. Sandhya, Bharath, his friend all are shown in the same costumes. His chittappu comes to know about Stanley’s shop find their house and rescues her Chittappu thanks the house owner lady. All in one day is bayangara reel vidurathu, Highly Impossible athuvum singara chennaila, illogical & undeniably cinematic. Oru pattula enna vena suthalmndradhu voliya mattengudhu….Cinema edukkuravanga cinematica than iruppainghannu sollalam. But the terrific narrative of a very natural and realistic movie have taken a slip. Balaji Sakthivel, the director whom I adore could have written much more fittingly specifically the sequence of getting married and caught….

Had my late lunch and glued for PV. Frankly speaking every every every thing is brilliant in this film, the choice of characters/face/voices, accent, costumes, location,sets, music,comedy, camera, editing those flashbacks scenes, history/geography/life saving treatment... Lots of perfect ground work have been done in narrating the script. Hardly a sore moment. The relation, bond between Saravanan and Karthi is fantastic and lively. Saravanan’s first and best performance he can act as well.. Priyamani was bothering unattendedly(like the advts in between) but later I realized why she always behaves like a aruvaal . She scoot the lorry drivers paruthi veeran pera kettavudane paanjitaaingha. What a mind blowing debut performance by Karthi dwelled it. Ameer cleverly brings back the gruesome “Veeran” to flashlight while he chops her in to pieces which everyone have almost forgotten. Gripping & a Remarkable movie. Splendid performance by everyone. Kudos to Ameer! Awaiting for his next release Yogi. Vote pottadhu correct dhaannu indha viewingla thelivaiduchi and there are 3 others who share my opinion. Thank you folks!

Next is Album of the Decade:
I flag for Kannathil Muthamittal and Its my deeming pleasure to clarify it. I have imposed 4 now 5 key factors how it could be the best of the decade.
1. Originality
2. Significance
3. Range and depth of the output
4. Durability
5. Lyrics
Folks do have problem with only two songs “Sundari” and “Senyore” & Chinmayee’s diction while the rest of the songs they believe are the best. I have applied those key factors and found both these songs are apt situational nos. and scores good in 1,2,3 & 5 while it lacks 4 for some cushy ears but the song has so much meaning. This is not a nursery rhyme nor the composer tried to perfume. It narrates the funny behavior of the little girl and their parents true love towards thier child – Amudha (adopted). Have to give a special mention to Kavipperarasar Vairamuthu for pouring his heart out for the whole album.

The song has a beautiful accordion opening and flute/guitar usage. The Accordian is woven in and out of the song. The “thuru thuruness” of the girl is maintained in the song. Ist Interlude is vivid observe how flute progresses and followed by clap sounds, kids chorus, variety of voices and the orchestral pieces (violin/cellos).
“Senyore” is based on Srilankan baila genre, singhalese lyrics written by BH Abdul Hameed. It’s a fun, cheerful song the guy tries to date a girl and the girl proposes him to meet his husband. It is aired on car’s radio while they were in Srilanka in search of her real mother. Fantastic!

To the other question Chinmayee was just 16 and a debutant to sing that song. Should be a tough task for anyone and she have come out really well both on diction and redition. The veteran singer KS Chitra herself called and appreciated her.

Well the question is not about how great are these song individually rather how lively/justifiable is these songs to the script. The greatness lies in the music for its universal appeal for the what the script demands
Parent’s Love,
Children’s Care,
Refugees Freedom &
World Peace.

Hats of to the trio Mani + ARR + VM!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Gleaming Ghazals

This is a classic Ghazal from Pakistani film Doraha(1967) and this particular song was composed by Ghazal Maestro Mehdi Hassan. The tune, structure sounds very familiar to me and upon repeated measured listening started singing ore naal... unnai naan.. incidentally. I thought it could be based on a similar raaga which I am a zippo for such comparisons. What caught my attention is that there are lots of allegation Shivaji's track "Sahana Saaral thoovudhu" to this could also be inspired and based on similar raaga. To my surprise the picturization of Shivaji's braggart version also has a striking similarity in terms of picturization, sets, serial lights, Piano, geometrical shapes of Glass frames, Grill designs, crystals, jewelleries luckybamboo, greeneries but Shreya, duet, chorus dance totally dismisses those similarities . ARR's piano interlude & alaaps. CHESS Board and Coins :)

I have checked Ore naal picturization also if you give a close look camera focus steadily on roof lights, grill designs, restaurant table, geometrical shapes like rectangle glass frames, circle nila/sun rays, triangular beach stands, tall posted lamps Atleast to me....

Fine, Irrespective of those similarities exist or not I am glad to find this awesome sountrack Doraha composed by Suhail Rana and get to know more about Ghazals - Mehdi Hassan & other counterparts. Check this song ...

some more : Hain Isi Mod per

This is their next film Armaan : Betaab Ho Udhar Tum